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ACCA Financial Accounting (FA/FFA) Coupon
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Pathway to passing ACCA FA/FFA exam; financial accounting basics under IFRS

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The course is based on the ACCA Financial Accounting (FA/FFA) official syllabus, which is one of the top standards in the accounting industry since ACCA aims to ensure that its qualifications are recognised and valued by governments and regulatory authorities and employers across all sectors. ACCA qualifications have even been recognised on the educational frameworks in several countries.

FA/FFA is a foundation level paper in ACCA qualification followed by Financial Reporting (FR) and Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

All the lectures are referenced to and mostly follow the order of the FA/FFA syllabus to help you navigate through the course. Also, you may easily find quizzes relevant to each section of the syllabus.

The course aims to enable you to record most of the transactions and events of a simple business, to prepare and give basic interpretation of the financial statements, and also to produce simple consolidated financial statements. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are used as an accounting and reporting framework in FA/FFA paper and in this course.

If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended to follow the lectures in the order as they are presented in the course. If you are familiar with the syllabus and simply want to revise a few topics, I would recommend to start from the beginning of each subsection (e.g. C2, D1, E5, etc.) because the examples used in one subsection may sometimes follow through several lectures.

The mix of lectures, short practice questions, and tutor support throughout the course guarantees you the opportunity to master all the basic accounting skills and also get ready for your ACCA FA/FFA exam.

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