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[89% Off] Acing the Consulting Case Interview
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Duration: 1.5 hours

Taught by a consulting senior manager and regular candidates interviewer. This course includes an interview simulation.

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Top consulting firms (McKinsey, BCG, Big 4 companies, etc.) use case interviews in their recruitment processes to select the best candidates for the job. Cracking those interviews requires:

  • Understanding what case interviews test

  • Structuring the case problem logically

  • Communicating your thought process clearly

  • Good skills in using (simple) maths

  • Ability to synthesize your answers

In this course I will be teaching you all of the above. Because I am senior manager at one of the top consulting firms and I interview candidates regularly you can be sure that what I share here will be useful in your recruitment processes.

Taking this course you should expect:

  1. A solid dose of theory required to tackle case interviews. This will include:

    • Interviewers’ expectations as to candidates’ performance

    • Solution stages of each and every case

    • Ways of structuring case problems irrespective of frameworks and approaches to properly analyzing them

    • ...and other crucial takeaways for you

  2. Tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage when solving quantitative (maths) parts of case interviews

  3. A simulation of a complete case interview that I interrupt and comment on extensively

Having been on both sides: interviewee and interviewer, I recommend this course to everyone wanting to perform better on their case interviews. Hit ‘Enroll now’ and let’s start the prep!