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Art Therapy for Men
Health & Fitness
[84% Off] Art Therapy for Men
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Duration: 9.0 hours

Art Therapy designed for the male audience!

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This is an unusual course as it is designed to be of use/application to men in particular.

The course covers:

  • Male inmates

  • Studies on the impact of Art Therapy on males

  • The work of Eminem

  • Various Art Therapy exercises (prepare to be surprised!)

  • Masks

  • Analysis of your own work - with examples!

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Salvador Dali

  • Dwight D Eisenhower

  • The work of Dr Furth

  • Shapes

  • Figures of people

  • A house, a tree, the sun, a river, a snake

  • Destressing

  • The Unconscious

  • Collages

  • Art Therapy Exercises!