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Become a PHP Master Coupon
[86% Off] Become a PHP Master
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Become a PHP Master

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Hi i am Obada Arnaout
web developer
in this course we will learn php from basics to advanced level
we will learn how to install sublime text and xampp web server and how to fix This site can’t be reached issue
we will learn how to write code in php
we will learn variables types and how we can use it
we will talk about functions and classes (oop)
we will learn database and how we can connect and insert and get and update and delete data
we will start with our Marketplace Project
we will learn how to link our project files
we will learn how to reah html files and how to write php code inside html code
we will learn how to make registration page and login page and forget password and activate user account (Full Auth System)
we will learn how to send email to user to activate his account
we will learn how to send email to user that have code as two factor authentication
we will learn how to make profile page and get user data and update user data
we will learn how to upload profile avatar
we will learn how to post prodect for sell and how to edit and remove the product
we will learn how to get products and show them to users
we will learn how the user can buy a product

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