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Build 17 Beginner's Projects with : Python | JavaScript | C# Coupon
[85% Off] Build 17 Beginner's Projects with : Python | JavaScript | C#
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Duration: 20.5 hours

Easy-to-follow projects for beginners - kick-start your programming skills today!

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Learning to code can be both fun and rewarding. It is exciting to be able to write some code that gives the computer a bunch of tasks to perform.

This course is packed with hands-on projects in three popular and in demand programming languages : Python | JavaScript and C#.

I have included a brief crash course in these three languages for those who have no exposure to them at all.

You will learn how to setup your development environment for these programming languages then build the following projects step by step:

  • Build a music player

  • Build a paint drawing program

  • Build a screen saver program

  • Build a currency converter program

  • Build a web browser

  • Build a C# calculator

  • Build a word count program

  • Build an image slider app

  • Build a todo list app

  • Build an interactive quiz app

  • Build a loan calculator

  • Build a JavaScript Calculator

  • Build a digital clock

  • Build a weight conversion program

  • Build a countdown app

  • Build a calculator with Python

  • Build a lottery number simulator program

After completing the projects in this course you should be equipped with enough skills to be creative and build more projects.

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