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C2010-503 IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.3 Fundamentals Exam Coupon
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Sample Questions:

The network administrator for an enterprise environment was recently laid off, so the new administrator wants to reset the system password. What command must use the command line interface level administrator to change the system password?

system profile

New user set system

the system user set

the system user set


An administrator wants to limit administrative privileges for new administrators who have been employed with the company for less than six months. What would a system administrator from the Configuration Utility, in order to limit the privileges of these directors?

Session policies Assign

Assign authorization policies

configuration command policies and permissions

Disable administrative functions within the accounts of those users


Scenario: A company is updating its current access infrastructure. The network administrator has been instructed to set up access Gateway 8.0 Enterprise Edition to replace Gateway Security in the environment, so that authentication is disabled on the device Access Gateway and Web Interface is configured in direct mode with the responsibilities of authentication. What are the two settings should Administrator configuration in order to meet these requirements? (Pick one.)

Enable Proxy ICA Access Gateway appliance.

Enable authentication on the safe Ticket Authority.

Set the Web Interface site as home page Access Gateway.

Set the FQDN of the web site interface as the FQDN Access Gateway appliance.

Scenario: an administrator to configure Access Gateway 8.0 Enterprise Edition in an environment that consists of a DMZ double-hop deployment, want connections from Presentation Server clients on the Internet to pass through the first firewall to connect to the Access Gateway 8.0 Enterprise Edition device in the first DMZ . Which port should enable the administrator to the first firewall?






Scenario: A company has purchased 800 user licenses for Access Gateway appliance deployed in their environment. The company has a total of 2,400 members for the environment and the administrator wants to specify the number of users that should be allowed to enter the environment through the Access Gateway appliance at any time. The administrator may change the ______ setting in the configuration utility to specify the number of users who can log into the Access Gateway. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

SSL VPN> Users

SSL VPN> Global> Authentication

Systems> Virtual Servers> Policies

Systems> Connections> Authorization