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Diploma in Design of Steel Structures Coupon
[25% Off] Diploma in Design of Steel Structures
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Duration: 7.5 hours

Simplified Steel Structures...More content will be updated on regular basis.

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In this course you will learn various classified course modules:-

Module 1.) Fundamentals of Steel Structures.

1.1 Steel as construction material.

1.2 Steel structures: Towers, Roof.

of steel condition. trusses, Water Tanks, Bridges,


1.4 Loads acting on steel structures.

1.3 Stress Strain graph for load etc. acting on the given mild steel.

1.5 Limit State Method of design:

Sub- Topics covered...

1 a. Fundamentals of steel structure.

1 b. Use steel table to identify Gantry and Crane _ girders,

different properties of given Columns, Chimney, building

steel sections. frames etc.

1 c. Explain the various type(s) of | {1.3 Types, grades and strength of

loads (Dead load, live load, steel sections, Steel Table, IS

impact load, seismic load, snow 808-1989.

steel structures.

1 d. Select the relevant factors to according to IS 875-1987 part |

calculate seismic forces for to IV.

given civil structure.

1 e. Choose the partial safety factor Meaning and types of limit

as per the guidelines laid in IS states, loads, design criteria, limit

for the given situation. states of strength, limit states of serviceability.

1 f. Explain the Advantages and serviceability.

disadvantages of steel as 1.6 Factors of safety and load factors

construction material in the as per IS 800:2007.

Module 2.) Design of Steel Connections.

2.1 bolts, modes of failure,

2.2 Specifications of bolt holes for bolted connections.

2.3 Strength of bolt in shear, tension, bearing and efficiency of joint.

2.4 Analysis and design of bolted joints for axially loaded plate, single and double angle members

2.5 Welded connections: Butt and Fillet welds, size of weld, throat thickness

2.6 Analysis and design of fillet welded joint for plate, single and double angle members subjected to axial load.

Additional Bonus Lectures on:-

1. Design the bolted connections.

2. Compute the strength of the given welded connections.

3. Design the welded connections for given situations.

4. State the Specifications for cross-sectional area, pitch, Spacing, gauge, end distance, edge distance, and diameter of bolt holes for bolted connections with justification.

5. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of given welded connection.)

More Course Content Will be updated on Weekly Basis...

All basic concepts are explained and simplified.

Thanks all for your support.

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