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Fullstack Go Golang Node.Js Python PHP Sci Fi Dev Framework
[83% Off] Fullstack Go Golang Node.Js Python PHP Sci Fi Dev Framework
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Duration: 9.5 hours

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Hi Guys we are going to build two Sci-Fi based Dev-Environments using CSS 3D and React that are geared towards focused development projects related to full-stack web interfaces and back-ends with PHP Python NodeJs and GoLang.  There first interface is a cube that can be rotated to a certain panel of choice. Each panel on the cube represents a connection to a specific language back-end like Node, PHP, Go, or PHP. These back-ends are Asynchronous focused WebSocket connections that can talk to the appropriate front end panel managed by a React Context. This allows for fast testing of technologies with these languages in a Sci-Fi based theme for some added fun React. Likewise the second Interface is a rotated Pentagon with panels configured to speak to there respective back-ends. This leaves room for the choice of authentication mechanisms and what topic you would like to continue your efforts of study in once the interfaces and there back-ends are up and running and communicating. Overall technologies included is Linux, Nginx, React, PHP, NodeJs, GoLang, Python, and PHP.