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German Language Course - Authentic Dialects and Accents Coupon
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[25% Off] German Language Course - Authentic Dialects and Accents
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Duration: 3.0 hours

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Get used to different accents of German. This video course highlights dialects and accents being spoken in Southern Germany - since the video material comes from authentic persons living in Munich. 4 High Quality Video Sound Slides will train you in your listening comprehension. Before starting the videos I will make sure you get the vocabularies needed in order to answer the questions.You gonna get worksheets from beginners to advanced questions to the video-slides. The questionnaire is orientated on the European reference framework an range from A1 - beginners till B1 - intermediate students. At the end of every lecture/Video Sound Slide you gonna find a literal transcription in order to see the dialects/accents in written form to fill you 5 blanks. The videos contain not only German natives but also fluent German speaking people from different nations with their corresponding accents since those accents you hear on a daily bases in the streets of Munich. 

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