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Get A* in GCSE Maths (Quadratic equations and graph) Coupon
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[85% Off] Get A* in GCSE Maths (Quadratic equations and graph)
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Duration: 3.0 hours

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This course is a exam oriented course, which mean it will focus on the type of questions within GCSE syllabus. You will feel maths is easy and build your confidence to face the examinations.

We will focus on the topic of quadratic graph and equations, here we will learn different methods to solve the quadratic equations, we will also show you how to use your calculator correctly and some mistakes that you should beware of. More importantly, we will show you the technique to solve the equations with steps and know the how the quadratic graph look like fast.

Transformation of graph may make you feel frustrated, especially with sine curve and cosine curve. Just to remember some main point will make your life easy. 

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