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How To Grow Your Network And Find A Remote Job On LinkedIn Coupon
[86% Off] How To Grow Your Network And Find A Remote Job On LinkedIn
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Duration: 1.5 hours

Learn how to grow your professional network, find remote jobs, and optimize your LinkedIn profile for success.

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This online course is for anyone who wants to grow their professional network on LinkedIn -- the largest online B2B social networking platform with over 750 million members around the world. You will learn how to find the right people in your target industry and geographic location, fix up your digital resume to improve your chances of getting that next big opportunity, find a remote job with flexibility to work from anywhere, grow your network strategically using marketing automation techniques, optimize your profile for success, and learn new valuable skills  in your chosen field of study.

Enroll in this course to get access to the following modules:

Module 1: How To Use LinkedIn Search

Learn how to navigate and use the LinkedIn Search functionality to find people in your target industry and location.

Module 2: How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to show up to the right people at the top of search results.

Module 3: Fix Up Your Digital Resume

Learn how to improve your digital resume so it passes the automated system most recruiters use to screen out qualified candidates.

Module 4: Applying for Jobs on LinkedIn

Learn how to find a full-time or remote job with a few simple clicks on LinkedIn Jobs.

Module 5: How To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn

Learn how to grow your network quickly and strategically with a powerful marketing automation tool called OctopusCRM.

Module 6: How To Set Up Your Company Page

Learn how to create your own company page, optimize it for success, and invite connections to join your page.

Module 7: How To Use LinkedIn Learning

Learn how to acquire emerging in-demand skills and get certifications on the LinkedIn Learning platform.

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