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Introduction to Microsoft Word for Beginners to Intermediate
Office Productivity
[25% Off] Introduction to Microsoft Word for Beginners to Intermediate
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Duration: 2.0 hours

MS Word Office 365 Application

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Hi Everyone, my name is Israr Ahmed and in this tutorial series I will be teaching you Microsoft Word Application version office 365.

In this lesion you will be able to learn the basic of Microsoft word application. You will able to practice on formatting and saving a word document in the application.

You will be able to know how to compose and save a document.

Using composing and editing features, you will be able to type words, sentences and make paragraphs. You can write letters, application, and memos in a word document.

Then you can also insert table, images, and shapes. You can prepare certificates templates to fill your office requirements as well.

Then you can see different kind of printing options are available inside word application so you can print your document whenever you want as a hard copy or soft copy to keep with you for further use in the future.

You will be able to learn select/change a printer (connected with your computer).

Printing documents (single side or duplex side)

Changing of page layout, orientation, paper size and much more.

I will give you some practice test and short keys (hot keys of word application) as well to make you memorize in the mind and keep you energetic during the course learning.

Keep watching. Stay tuned with me and goodbye.