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Learning IT Help Desk Basics
IT & Software
Learning IT Help Desk Basics
Duration: 3.5 hours

Get the skills you need to pursue an entry-level position as an IT help desk technician

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The skills you need to follow an entry-level position as an IT help desk technician. This course is an ideal starting point for job seekers wishing to undertaking into the field of technical support or seeking to strengthen their overall technical skills. It covers the fundamental IT help desk responsibilities including software installation networking, and troubleshooting.

Learn about removing software from a computer, networking through the command line, joining computers to a domain, and more the following topics are covered

  • Customer service for IT

  • Installing and uninstalling software

  • Networking basics

  • Workgroups

  • Joining domains

  • Troubleshooting

Demos Labs:

  • Dual Boot Ubuntu and windows 10 demo

  • Useful Ubuntu 18 commands demos

  • Very important Demo for Ubuntu

  • Install LAMP stack (Apache,mysql,Linux,php)

  • Linux very useful commands demo