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Mind Maps Basics and Learning How to Learn with Mind Mapping Coupon
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[30% Off] Mind Maps Basics and Learning How to Learn with Mind Mapping
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You become aware of the learning with Mind Mapping and you will never be the same again after FOR A MIND

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FORAMIND's purpose is to create a Learning Culture. FORAMIND education tells us for what purpose Mind Maps, which is a very effective learning and thinking technique to create this culture, are used for what purpose, and most importantly, how to use them in a fun, permanent and effective learning. It aims to gain the ability to learn to learn, which is one of the most critical skills among the skills in the 21st century.

Let's not forget that 21st century is not the age of information, it is the age of using the information. People who use information well, feed their brains with select information, and learn purposefully. They are not “information obese.”

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