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Oracle 18c and Dataguard setup on premises and oracle Cloud Coupon
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[84% Off] Oracle 18c and Dataguard setup on premises and oracle Cloud
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Duration: 2.5 hours

Practical Course to install Oracle database and Oracle Data Guard administration using Oracle 18C on premises and Cloud

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My name is Zulqarnain Hayat and welcome to my learning course for Oracle 18C  . This course have two major parts First one is Oracle 18C  lab setup and  Oracle data guard  on Premises and Oracle cloud with Hands-on experience. And second part is Oracle cloud 18C database on cloud we cover oracle database as service and Oracle Data-guard setup  on cloud using free trial account including Administration tasks like switch over, fail over, and snapshot standby step by step . This course will covers with following contents.

Section-1  Oracle 18C lab environment hands-on

  • Download Software

  • Configure Virtual Machine and Install Oracle Linux 7

  • OS Configuration for Oracle 18C

  • Copy and install Oracle 18c

  • Configure LISTENER

  • DBCA generate scripts to create database

  • Connecting to Container Databases (CDB) and Pluggable Databases (PDB) in Oracle Database 18c

Section -2   Oracle Data-Guard LAB Setup on Oracle 18c

  •               Install Oracle 18C

  •              OS configuration for Oracle 18C

  •              Clone second node

  •              Setup Data-Guard on premises

Section -3 Oracle Cloud  Database as a Service (DBaaS)

  •             Create free account for one month on oracle cloud

  •             Create service

  •             Generating an SSH Key Pair On Windows Using the PuTTY Key Generator

  •             Logging in to your instance using ssh from windows

Section-4- Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

  •            Create a Compartment

  •            Create a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

  •            Create a Database VM

section-5   Oracle 18c- Configure Data Guard On Oracle Cloud Service

  •             Oracle 18c Configure Data Guard On Oracle Cloud Service

  •             Database Switch-over

  •             Database Fail-over

  •             Snapshot Standby database

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