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PHP for Beginners: PHP Crash Course 2021 Coupon
[40% Off] PHP for Beginners: PHP Crash Course 2021
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Duration: 3.5 hours

Learn PHP for Beginners with this complete PHP crash course

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Welcome to the informative PHP crash course for 2021 where learn modern PHP.

I put this crash course together for beginners and it was supposed to be less in the amount of time, but honestly, it got kind of far because the PHP is big, nonetheless, I promise you you will have great knowledge and confidence in your PHP skills after you finish this course.

So look at what I am offering here

Some backend terms

What is PHP

Why use PHP

  1. Variables

  2. Constants


  4. Data types

  5. Operations

  6. Statements

  7. Loops

  8. Arrays

  9. Functions

  10. Super global Variables

  11. Forms

  12. Date and time