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System Call in Linux Coupon
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[35% Off] System Call in Linux
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Duration: 1.5 hours

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  • The Course is based on the practical approach  The course is aimed to teach System Call for beginners, intermediates and even advanced system admins who wish to develop their skills in Linux. Starting all the way from the Linux basics up to how to manage an entire platform.

    Lots of hidden and rarely known concepts are explained which you can find very rarely in any online platform or book.


  • What Topic/Skills you will learn in this course

    • the concept of the System call with a practical example

    • Interview questions are discussed

    • Concepts are covered from beginner level to Expert level

    • Very detailed and In-depth Explanation

  • Who should take this course?

    • Preparing for Interview in Embedded System or OS

    • If you are interested in learning the programming of Linux

    • Beginner and Intermediate in Linux environment

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